Mobile Locksmith

No other Locksmith service provider is more serious about your safety and security than Sherman Oaks Locksmiths. Gone are the days when people had to find their way to the Locksmith’s company office to get great service. They have taken the Locksmith service to a new level; with their Mobile Locksmith Service. They can now take care of all their customer’s needs, whenever they are called, any time of the day or night. Sherman Oaks Locksmith technicians are well trained, and they can fix all the different problems that customers face daily. So if your locks are malfunctioning, if your key is broken, if your alarms are not working right, if you are locked out or locked in, if you lost your keys or any other problems you might have with security systems, locks, and keys. You can give them a call, and they will be at your door as quickly as possible. These are some of the services they offer

Residential Services

If the locks at your home should start malfunctioning and you have security concerns or if your keys are lost. You will need the services of a locksmith; as damaging the door to get it opened, can cost a lot more than the locksmith’s fees. The Locksmith mobile service is equipped with all the locks you will want for your doors. They are always ready to be at your service whenever you call.


Commercial Services

If you are having problems with your CCTV cameras, locks, and keys, or any other problems with security systems that are malfunctioning at your Commercial Property, they can be taken care of by Sherman Oak Locksmith Mobile Service. Your locks can be re-keyed or changed whenever this is necessary. They can open your locked doors without damaging the door or the locks. They can also give you additional spare keys for your locks, so you won’t be as stressed out in the future whenever your keys are misplaced or lost. Their mobile locksmith service is equipped with all the tools, locks, and equipment needed to give you great service whenever you give them a call.

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Automobile Services

When your new electronic car keys are lost and need to have them replaced, it is good to have your VIN and the make and model of your vehicle available to pass this information on to the locksmith quickly. This will help them do what needs to be done to replace them as quickly as possible. Please write down your VIN in a place where it can be easily found, so you won’t have problems when you need it. Life can be badly disrupted when this small, almost insignificant thing we call a key is lost or broken. Your VIN can be found on your insurance documents as well, just in case you didn’t write it down. For persons who use the older keys, calling Sherman Locksmith Oaks and having them cut new keys for you will be much easier than getting new keys from your dealer; as it costs a lot to get keys from them and the keys you get from Sherman Oaks Locksmiths are much more affordable.

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