Fresh Lock Installation

Locks are an essential security feature of any property; therefore, they should be installed properly and work flawlessly at all times.

Installing a lock from scratch is a trickier job than replacing the existing one, as it requires precise drilling and correct placement.

If not installed the right way, a lock may not only be difficult to operate but also cause damage to the hardware. Therefore, a fresh lock installation is best left to an expert.

 At Quick Key Service, we provide prompt and reliable fresh lock installation services to both commercial and residential properties in Sherman Oaks.

 No matter it is a knob lock, cam lock, or mortise lock, we use the right tools and techniques to install it impeccably on the door in question so that it operates seamlessly and smoothly for a long time to come.

Residential Lock installation Service Sherman Oaks

We offer a complete range of residential lock installation services.

No matter you need a new lock installed on your new front door or on a mailbox that previously didn’t utilize a lock, we can be of your assistance.

Some of our residential lock installation services include;

  • Front door lock installation
  • Room door lock installation
  • Window lock installation
  • Patio door lock installation
  • Garage door lock installation
  • Mailbox lock installation
  • Cabinet lock installation
fresh lock install

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Sherman Oaks Commercial Lock Installation Service

Commercial properties need stronger and securer locks than residential properties due to the high amount of traffic they receive. Therefore, their installation requires a great deal knowledge expertise and specialized tools.

At Quick Key Service, we have experience installing all type of commercial-grade locks.

Our commercial lock installation services include;

  • Entry Door Lock Installation
  • File Cabinet Lock Installation
  • Desk Drawer Lock Installation
  • Safe Lock Installation
  • Cabin Lock Installation

New Lock Installation Services Sherman Oaks

We specialize in;

  • Deadbolt installation
  • Electronic Smart Lock Installation
  • Key Pad Lock Installation
  • Cam Lock installation
  • Lever handle Installation
  • Mortise locks installation

How Do We Install a Fresh Lock?

  • We will accurately measure the dimensions of the door frame in question and precisely cut and drill into the door and the hardware.
  • We screw in all the internal and external components of the lock while ensuring that it is properly installed.
  • We will test the lock to make sure that it is functioning the way it should be.

Sherman Oaks Lock Installation Experts You Can Rely On

If you are ever in need of lock installation service, look no further than Quick Key Service Sherman Oaks

With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be carried out by the most qualified technicians in the trade without compromising any damage to your door.

 Get in touch at (818) 272-8630 to talk with a technician about your lock installation needs.

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